1. How much is it to play? “$60 to be a WGL member and be eligible for CTP’s, Low net round each Wednesday, 3 Chipping contests (worth $50 ea.), eligibility for Team & Individual season winners ($250 ea.), Eligibility for WGL Points Winner ($300) and Eligible to play in the WGL Playoffs and Shootout at the end of the season ($300)”
  2. Can I still play on Wednesdays if I’m not a WGL member and will only be able to make it 3-4 weeks? “Yes, but you have to pay $10 League fee which will get you in the skins/team pot each Wednesday you play(optional for WGL members). You will not be eligible for CTP’s and Low Round.” 
  3. What is the game each week? “you will play a stroke play individual match with HC. You will also have a team match, where you and a teammate will play best net score per hole match play against another twosome.”
  4. My IGA HC says I’m a 12 but my WGL HC is a 5. How do the HC work? “Your WGL HC  is for 9 holes so we take half of your IGA HC, WGL avg. and WGL trend rounded down.”
  5. What is max score on each hole? “+4” ex. Par 3 max=7 Par 4= 8 Par 5=9
  6. How many points are possible get each week? “You get 1 point for playing, 1 point for a individual match win, 1 point for team win, 1 point each for a CTP (2 each week) and 1 point for Low round. 6 possible
  7. Do I have to play every week to be in WGL? “No, if you plan on playing 6 or more Wednesdays its worth it to be a WGL member.”
  8. Can I play with anyone I want each week? “No, groups and pairings are random.” “But we will allow a a few special requests throughout the season” 
  9. If it is raining will we still play? “More than likely, Yes. Unless its thunder storming we will play. We only have until end of September to finish the season. So there are only a few weeks in the season where we can cancel a week.”